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    What’s the Best Temperature to Sleep At?

    What’s the Best Temperature to Sleep At? - blog post image

    Science sheds their opinion on what temperature is best inside your home while you're sleeping. Do you toss and turn and just can't ever get comfortable? Well, I've got some good news. One of the secrets to a good nights sleep is the temperature setting on your thermostat. According to the National Sleep Foundation a cool room, around 65 degrees, makes for the best sleep.

    What's the deal with a cool room?

    The core temperature of your body will increase and decrease as part of it's normal cycle while you're sleeping, according to BioMed Central, "Sleep is most likely to occur when your core body temperature decreases, when it hardly occurs during the increasing phases," the research states. So, getting your core body temperature lower gets you to "sleep mode." Lowering your room's air temperature is one way to do that.

    What can I do to sleep cooler?

    A programmable thermostat: This can be very useful, because it can turn the air temperature down when you sleep automatically. You don't have to remember every time you go to bed. Drink a cold glass of water. If you have a few sips of cold water before you go to bed, this can help you lower body temperature and sleep more comfortable. Turn on your ceiling fan: By turning on the fan, the breeze will help evaporate the sweat off you skin, taking heat away from your body.(we'll call this human air conditioning) Take a shower before you go to bed: Yes, taking a shower will warm you up at first, after a while the moisture on your skin will evaporate. This will cause the same effect as turning the ceiling fan on.